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What is the Military Fresh Gear Affiliate Program?

A Fresh Lifestyle.   Come and join us as we take the world by storm! Military Fresh Gear is a widely recognized, fast growing veteran owned and multiculturally operated apparel brand.  What separates us from other apparel brands?  Simple…  The purchaser.

As an affiliate member and advert, you’ll be aligned with a distinguishable team of veteran and active duty service members who are committed to show and prove to the world that we can we serve our country yet remain the unique individuals we were created to be; and, earn commission in the process!    Military Fresh Gear was launched as a home-grown, grass-roots company that is on trajectory to be an international conglomerate.  Do not miss this opportunity to jump on board!

Why join our affiliate program

  • 8% commission on all qualifying sales driven from your personalized link
  • Earn higher commission percentage as your sales increase!
  • Receive payment monthly
  • Promote the most recognizable and award-winning military network
  • Products filled and shipped at the MFN headquarters
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